The Product

The Very First Alaskan Glacier Whiskey Stone 

Shown here is the "Founders Collection" Whiskey Stones

Shown here is the "Founders Collection" Whiskey Stones

Born from the rugged and often dangerous glacial valleys, our whiskey stones are hand collected to guarantee the best product possible. 

Each set of glaciated whiskey rock comes in a hand crafted bag. The bag is comprised of several materials that have quite the interesting story behind them. 

1- The Burlap- Our signature "Nature Friendly" recycled burlap is sourced from our local coffee roasters and given new life as the carrying case for the prized stones. This burlap is similar to what miners used to transport their flake and dusted gold during the gold rush. 

2- The Drawstring- Born from the fishing industry, the drawstring is made from a special rope called "Rot Cotton" which is used to tie crab pot doors shut. It's designed to degrade over extended periods of time underwater. This is to ensure the safe release of the crabs if the pots were ever to be lost.

3- The Brand Button- As Alaska is a huge timber state, our brand tags are cut from the prolific Alaskan birch branches. If you take a sniff you can actually smell the campfire.

4- The Plaid Liner- Alaska is built upon the outdoors. From hunting to fishing, camping to flying, it is home to some of the most wild scenery and most active outdoorsmen. The plaid liner is homage to them and their lifestyle. 

5- Made In Alaska Tag- The white tag in the upper left corner of the bag represents a state run program that authenticates any product that is sourced, assembled, and distributed from the state of Alaska. Tight regulation poses that 51% of the product must be made in the state of Alaska. Thanks to our strong desire to be an Alaskan Made company, we are 85% made in Alaska and proud. 

What Is A Whiskey Stone?

A whiskey stone is a carved stone cube that is used to chill your drink without watering it down, due to ice melt. This allows you to control the taste and overall experience. If it needs to be cooler, add a stone. If it needs a splash, give it exactly the amount of water it needs to bring out the flavors and smells you love. 

Where Do We Get Our Stones?

We source every one of our glacier carved stones from the river valley of the famous Matanuska Glacier Valley.
Each stone is hand collected by our team and brought back to the AHM Head Quarters to be crafted into the custom works of art that become Alaskan Hand Made's Glacier Whiskey Stones. Read the story of Matanuska Glacier here.

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