About The Series

In a land known for beauty and danger, exists a group of people very different from the rest. They are who many would call "the crazy ones", and for many, they are also those we wish we could be. They are the dreamers, the doers, they are the entrepreneurs.

While the rest of us sit in our comfortable office jobs enjoying temperature controlled environments, water coolers and a consistent paycheck; out in a little known and lesser explored world, exists the entrepreneurs who are taking on the challenge of building a business in one of the most harsh and untamed business landscapes in America.

This is not some dressed up "reality TV" show. This is a true to form documentary series that seeks to display the truth of people's stories in a way that emulates not just a culture, but a way of life in America's last frontier. It is a story fraught with conflict, struggle, and risk. But the potential rewards can often times far outweigh the costs. Join our host and owner of Alaskan Hand Made, Tyler Wayman, as we celebrate the dreamers and the doers of this majestic state and investigate what they are doing, how they are building their businesses, and why they are giving it their all in our new series, Making Alaska.